PANGEA students in pursuit of the origin of the earth

For one week (27 June to 3 July), the PANGEA students accompanied by the coordinator of the programme, the project officer and two professors from UMinho were visiting the main places of the Villuercas Ibores Jara Geopark, associate partner of the Master.

Our first stop was at the amazing Colegio Fausto Maldonado in Cañamero (Extremadura, Spain) which is an amazing school for children where geology is at the center!


Astrotourism activity

Spectacular astronomy evening with the PANGEA students. One of those nights that you enjoy to the fullest the observation of really beautiful skies.

The students were lucky enough to look at the stars during an unforgattable night thanks to NatRural-Astrovilluercas.

Villarta de los Montes

On Tuesday 29 June, we went to Villarta de los Montes in the province of Badajoz.

We climbed to the top to look for fossils.

In the afternoon, to rest after a long morning of walking, students had the opportunity to enjoy the natural pool of El Castañar right in the middle of the mountains.


Risco Carbonero

Located between Guadalupe and Navatrasierra, the Risco Carbonero has an incredible geological value. We observed many fossils on the way up to the peak of the mountain.

From the top you can also enjoy an incredible view of the whole area.

La Villuerca

It’s the highest peak of the entire Geopark (1601 m) and, from here, there are incredible views of the entire landscape.

There is a trail with many stops of geological interest on the way to the top.


The students observed a large collection of fossils at the interpretation center where we were received on 30 June. This might be the center that hosts more fossils of all the Villuercas Ibores Jara Geopark, most of them donated by the residents of Navatrasierra.

Navatrasierra Fossil Interpretation Center

We had the most amazing time at Las Lucias with the family in charge of the farm. We met some nice goats as well ;)!

The whole team had to chance to eat at homemade meal and spend some time around the farm. A truly unique moment to remember!

Las Lucias – Agrotourism farm

We stopped to visit this vineyard in the heart of the geopark in the town where the Catholic Kings and Christopher Columbus stopped. We had the opportunity to taste some tapas and do a wine tasting.

Bodegas Ruiz Torres


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