• Both Programme Country students and Partner Country students are eligible for EMJMD scholarships (see Erasmus + programme guide )
• The student candidate / scholarship holder declares to not have already benefited from a previous EMJMD scholarship or an Erasmus Mundus Master Course/Joint Doctorate scholarship.
• The student candidate / scholarship holder commits to not benefit from another EU funded scholarship scheme to follow the same EMJMD course for the entire period of the course.
• Programme country students with an EMJMD scholarship are not allowed to benefit from the scholarship when they are in their country of residence for either study, research, placement or thesis preparation.
• Candidates can apply for an EMJMD scholarship to any of the Erasmus+ Erasmus Mundus courses of their choice, but for a given academic year, the number of applications must be limited to a maximum of three different joint programmes.
• To be eligible, candidates must complete mobility in a minimum of 2 HEIs in programme countries (other than his own country of residence).
• The financial support shall be repaid by the scholarship holder in case of fraud or false declaration.

Note: For 2024, there will NOT be any call for applications with EMJMD grants awarded by the consortium. However best-rated applicants will be able to benefit from a total fee waiver (subject to the availability of funds).

For detailed information on EMJMD scholarships (and the rules and regulations associated with these scholarships) please consult the Erasmus+ Programme Guide (see downloads) or contact Master-pangea@univ-lille.fr

By applying to the Pangea Master programme during the first call (from November to February) you automatically apply for an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJMD) scholarship. To see how EMJMD scholarships are awarded, please refer to the selection procedure section.


Contribution to participation costs 9 000€/year
Contribution to travel costs 2 000€/year if residence is less than 4 000km from PANGEA coordinator (Lille University)

3 000€/year if residence is 4 000km or more from PANGEA coordinator (Lille University)

Contribution to installation costs 1 000€
Living allowance (max. 24 months) 1 000€ per month (not when in country of residence, and max 3 months in any Partner Country)
Contribution to participation costs 4 500€/year
Contribution to travel costs 1 000€/year
Contribution to installation costs
Living allowance (max. 24 months) 1 000€ per month (not when in country of residence)


  • * Scholarship amounts for travel/installation depend on the place of residence by the deadline of the student scholarship application (to be attested by a residence certificate.
  • ** Applicants with Partner Country citizenship who have carried out their main activity (studies, training or work) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in any Programme Country are considered Programme Country applicants for participation costs.
  • Distance from the PANGEA coordinator (Lille University, France) is calculated using the Erasmus+ distance calculator (https://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/resources/distance-calculator_en).
  • Contributions to participation costs are charged directly by the Pangea Consortium and are not transferred to the scholarship beneficiaries, who, as a consequence cannot be charged for any fees or participation costs.

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