PANGEA students in the South of France

During one week (27 June to 2 July 2022), the PANGEA students accompanied by the coordinator of the programme, the project officer, two professors from UMinho and one from Uppsala were visiting the Carcassonne region, site of gelological interest.

Châteaux de Lastours

On the first of our trip, we stopped at Châteaux Lastours, large archaeological complex, composed of four castles : Cabaret, Tour Régine, Surdespine and Quertineux.

Not so far from the archeological site, we had a lunch with a breathtakingview.

La Lieude - Palaeontological site

The palaeontological site of La Lieude is of international interest for the observation of pre-mammalian animal prints and sedimentation figures.
The site of La Lieude also has magnificent landscapes, you would think you were on the planet Mars!

The students observed a large collection of fossils (more than 350) at a small but riveting museum, La Maison du Cambrien/ Musée de Paléontologie, created by passionate collector Mr Francis Fernandez.

La Maison du Cambrien – Musée de Paléontologie

For the last activity of the week, the students visited the old town of Carcassonne with a guide.  We were captivated by the stories of knights and castles!

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